Ken Brown has been making films since the late 60’s when he created serious amounts of footage for the Boston Tea Party light show. Besides the copious experimental films, animations, and video documentaries he has made over the years, he has produced and directed dozens of short commissions for MTV, VH1, Sesame Street, AMC and other clients.

Psychedelic Cinema

PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA DVD This selection of films is a true pop culture artifact.  They were created between 1967-69 and played regularly with the light show at the Boston Tea Party and other music venues around New England. In their original context, they were joined by slides, strobes, and liquid projections, all of which formed a visual tapestry of light as a backdrop for countless concerts.  True to their time, these films possess a rambunctious energy with hallucinatory multi-layered imagery, comic vignettes, animations, and abundant graphic referencing.


Between 1988 and 2008 Ken Brown made over 30 single frame shorts. He refers to this style of filmmaking as “chika-chika" films, the sound of the single frames being shot. This collection of 14 titles reflects a diverse swath of pop culture themes from mini-golf, visionary environments, and roadside giants, to urban graffiti. They explore a personal technique of short, single frame "brush strokes,” edited entirely in camera, then transferred to video at a reduced rate. He then works with a composer for the final mix.


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